Where you get more than a house, you get a home.

Where you get more than a house, you get a home

We've been serving for a quarter of a century helping tenants find their quality rental properties.

LIVE GREEN: Hermann Homes are centered in established owner occupied communities and as "Green" as possible. Preservation of the original quality construction, artisan craftsmanship, and unique features of the dwelling are essential elements to each home. Each homes central location to both Constitution Hiking Biking Trail and bus routes make living "Green" easy. One home has won a contest for the most efficient home for size with Ameren Electric Co. IT support keeps our on-line and store front business paperless with on-line payments, applications, and lease signing.
BEST LOCATIONS: Each has easy access to: shopping, entertainment, business, cultural and arts districts, schools, parks, and outdoor recreation spaces. Located between Downtown Bloomington and Uptown Normal, these homes are in both Unit 5 and District 87.
ONE OF A KIND: Each is as individual as snowflakes. For example some have fenced yards and are pet friendly while others are allergy free spaces to dwell.
PRESERVED: Maintenance is key to preserving these homes, so we offer Tues.Thurs.Sat. or same day apt. in emergency situations.
ON-LINE OR STORE FRONT BUSINESS: Our business office is located at 2415 Suite F East Washington Street Bloomington, IL 61701. We meet at office by appointment only and mainly show homes through rental open houses usually scheduled on Saturdays from 2;00-3;00. However private showings are possible when necessary.

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11 Clinton Place

We absolutely love our home on Clinton Place and just signed another lease. The owners are very diligent when it comes to taking care of the property and are great at communicating with us / keeping us posted on maintenance/updates, etc. Whenever we have a question or problem (which is VERY rare) they are fast to respond (usually within a few hours - sometimes within minutes) and take care of things quickly/efficiently. There is a lot of value placed on protecting the home's history as well as the local environment. Historic preservation and sustainability are very important to the owners which we appreciate and feel very good about. Read more +

410 East Mill

We've enjoyed living at 410 E Mill for the past two years. The Hermanns respond and address any maintenance concerns quickly. During our time here, a new hot water heater and partial roof were installed. The neigbors have been friendly and the house is right around the corner from a park and the Bloomington Public Library. The property is easy to maintain as it only requires mowing during the warmer months. This house is ideal for pet-owners as the backyard is large and recent landscaping minimizes mud that your outdoor pets might track into the house. The full basement offers lots of storage so you don't have to worry about where to put your stuff. We're only moving out because we found a place closer to where we work, which will make having one car much easier. Read more +

509 West Grove

We have been living at 509 W Grove for the past year and a half.  Bob has taken good care of us when something around the house needed to be fixed.  Carol was very proactive about introducing us to the neighbors and that was a nice and unusual touch for a rental situation. Read more +

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Each home is as unique as a person. Therefore celebrating and creating a place for our tenants to call home is one challenge. Preserving the communities of our past while bringing them into the present is another challenge.

Historic neighborhoods are special places in our ever changing world.

The greatest challenge of all is to help our progressive world see the value of such places. Our tenants value history, community, and living green as they reside in them.

We are so grateful for the love and care they give the homes.

Many add special touches reflecting their life styles and needs.

At Hermann Homes we do our best to lease to our tenants more than a house.

We want to rent them a home where they make memories and get established in the Bloomington/Normal community. We invite our tenants to write a reference about the Hermann Home experience.